Guide: HYROX for Beginners



If you haven’t heard of HYROX by now you should have. 

HYROX is a competitive fitness race that combines running with functional fitness exercises. It is designed to test overall strength, endurance, and athleticism in a standardised format.

It’s popular, it’s VERY popular.

Get Started In Your Training with My Beginners Guide To Hyrox.

35 pages:

  • Introduction
  • The History
  • What Is Hyrox?
  • The Training Philosophy
  • Hyrox Event Format
  • Best Ways To Train For Hyrox
  • How Long To Train For Hyrox

The Events

  • The Ski Erg
  • The Sled Push
  • The Sled Pull
  • Burpee Broad Jumps
  • The Rower
  • Farmers Carry
  • SandBag Lunges
  • Wall Balls

The Categories

  • Mens & Womens Singles
  • Doubles
  • Pro Doubles & Relay
  • Event Tips
  • Sign Up For Your First Race