Nutritional Therapy

Fix yourself from inside out

Let me just lay a few facts down for you:

Why most ‘diets’ do not work

What happens ‘most’ of the time is people spend all their time and effort focusing on ‘how much’ they are putting into their bodies and paying little attention to ‘what it is’ that they are putting into their bodies. Restriction diets can provide a very quick fix in the short term, what happens as a result (of poor health practices) – our bodies adapt, yes the body is a finely tuned intelligent machine that will adapt to anything we expose it to.

“NOBODY should eat a Mars Bar as an ‘Allowed food’ or ‘a Sin’. It will still harm your internal environment”

So, with such diets, our bodies adapt and then go into a response where our energy releasing systems (fat burning systems) must slow down in order to coincide with the huge reduction of calories.

This combined with the inevitable return to our ‘normal diet’ (now under the new terms of the body’s damaged metabolism) sees us storing more fat, more regularly and that is where the vicious cycle begins!

Nutritional Therapy Consultations

I offer 3 different types of consultations for nutrition. Each one is ‘cutting edge’ when it comes to you learning more about how your body is made up and how best to fuel it for improvements. Such improvements could be:

  • Reducing Inflammation in the body
  • Reduce Allergies
  • Reduce Bacterial Infections
  • Improving Sleep/Wake Cycles
  • Improving Control over your Weight
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Improve Muscle Mass
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease
  • Eliminate Fungal Infections

Metabolic Typing

Proponents of Metabolic typing believe that each person has a unique metabolism, and that the nutrients which are appropriate for one person may be inappropriate for a second, and detrimental to a third.

Metabolic typing uses common visible symptoms related to the skin, eyes, and other parts of the body to assess different aspects of a person’s metabolism and categorise them into broad metabolic types.

This method of assessment is non invasive, quick, affordable and can be done online.

After the assessment, you will receive a full report detailing the findings and notes for improvements. I will also tailor a Nutrition and Lifestyle plan to bring about your body’s internal environment and make it stronger. Subsequently making you healthier, leaner, stronger on the outside.

Body Composition & Hormone Profiling

Analysing your body composition is one of the quickest methods of assessment when it comes to changing your shape. The closest thing to Spot reduction that you can find in the Health and Fitness market.

Taking skin fold measurements on the body and correlating the information with your body’s hormonal make up, we will see a ‘blue print’ of how YOU should be eating for optimum results.

This assessment & consultation takes approximately 30-90 minutes. I will then take time to analyse the results and research the best plan to get you optimal results and any imbalanced hormones back on track.

We prescribe dietary protocols (&training) that can modulate your Body Composition readings back to their optimal level – giving you a leaner, healthier and more energetic body.

Everybody that utilises this option receives a full report detailing unique and bespoke (to your own genetics and biochemistry) nutritional, supplementation, and overall lifestyle programmes. Nothing is left to chance and I manage your progress every step of the way.


Must live nearby or be willing to travel. I can come to you but you will be responsible for expenses.



DNA Fit – Diet


DNA Testing is amazing and gives amazing results.


I will test your DNA for 13 key genes to help us understand more about your body and it’s make up, so we can adapt your lifestyle to your needs. We will see why some of the following may apply:


Are you more susceptible to weight gain than others?
Does Caffeine affect you differently?
Do you have more energy in the morning?
Are you Lactose intolerant?
Are you suited to Protein or Carbohydrates?


Understanding your genes is like your own personal map to weight loss, why try to find your way without a map?


Know the genes that you carry, and how they affect your ability to lose weight. Use this knowledge to pick the right diet for you.


You simply buy the consultation by hitting Book Now from below, you’ll receive a Kit in the post, arrange a Skype / Messenger / WhatsApp chat with me.





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