Guide: Hand Portioning



Using hands to measure portions is a good approach for clients who don’t need specific amounts of foods or macronutrients. 

Your hands are present with you at all times, and generally, they’re proportional to your body size so a useful and convenient tool  to gauge portion size.

Calculations done by Precision Nutrition show that hand portions are about 95% as accurate as carefully weighing, measuring, and tracking your food. With substantially less effort and time involved.


  • Welcome to This Guide 
  • What is Hand Portioning and How Does it Work?
  • The Hand Portions
  • Build a Plate Using Hand Portions
  • Your Personal Portions
  • Adjusting Your Meals for Your Goal
  • Hunger and Fullness Scales
  • What to Eat After Intense Exercise
  • Choosing the Right Food to Eat
  • Foods We Typically Cannot Measure With Our Hands
  • Eating Mixed Food Meals
  • How Your Workup Is Presented
  • A Copy of Your Workup
  • Portion Tracker
  • Example Meals Using Hand Portions