This is a monthly subscription plan to individualised, tailored and personal coaching, direct from me. We (you and I) will work as a team to set, aim for and reach your goals. The awesome thing about this is that you can be accountable to someone and train around your own work:life schedule, train in your own (or) local gym, studio or even at home!

How it works:

  • We have a Zoom meeting (or Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger etc) where we discuss goals, potential barriers and etch out a rough plan between us.
  • We agree a timeline and diarise the sessions that I’m with you, virtually.
  • I send you an in-depth questionnaire or two that helps me determine your current nutritional and exercise status
  • I go away and build you a tailored workout regime and nutrition protocol to get you going.
  • You get access my ‘Marc Edwards Fitness PT App’ to make logging your workouts and nutrition extremely easy.
  • You log your starting measurements and upload  2 photos. 1 facing the camera, one side-on to the camera.
  • We run some testing protocols that you log your results. This includes the afore mentioned questionnaire, my ‘nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire’.
  • Every day you will log your training and your nutrition.
  • Every Monday morning, you will log your updated measurements, for example, weight, body circumferences etc
  • This is where I will assess your progress and if needed, I will make any tweaks.

That’s the way this can work. You will have my phone number, Skype name etc and will have unlimited support throughout our journey.


Hit the button below to subscribe.
Note, this is for a minimum of 6 months. You need to allow yourself a good timeframe to make any decent physiological change that will stick.


Why Use An Online Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach?

Online personal training & nutrition coaching, can still provide you all of the services I would in a face-to-face meeting.

I pride myself on making the training environment interactive, easy to use, simple to follow, and full of all the information you need to be successful.

Beyond a high quality of service on par with anything you receive face-to-face, the biggest benefits to you are convenience and savings. The cost for online services are significantly lower than those for face-to-face services, and you can complete the process from anywhere you want—at the gym, at home, at your office, or on the road!

It’s true that I don’t have the face-to-face time with you and cannot answer your questions right in the moment, but the message system of my app allows you to send us questions 24-7. It is also true that i’m not there in real life to show you exercise form—but I have a video attached to every exercise in the app, allowing you to know exactly what you need to do.

There are many other benefits of our service and the app we use, and this creates a dynamic that ensures your success as long as you put in the work.

If it’s face to face, live coaching you’re looking for, please click: