Guide: Alcohol



One of the most common questions we will get asked as fitness professionals is:

“What’s the best thing to drink?”.

Of course, this refers to alcoholic beverages in most cases.

Now the answer to that question is subjective. What we do know is that at least a third of the world’s population consumes alcohol regularly.

Having a social life when dieting is something that many find hard to do but it doesn’t mean everyone has to completely omit all social occasions and this guide, alongside your professional advice will help inform and advise your clients

Weekends, times with friends and holidays are times when we enjoy alcohol. If we want to offset any negative health implications, as always informed choices need to be made.

In this fifteen-page guide we cover:

  • Calories in alcohol, food equivalents and what that equates to in movement.
  • Units and understanding how alcoholic units work.
  • Making a plan around your intake.
  • Knowing portions.
  • General health-focused tips on alcohol Intake
  • How does it work for people on low-carb diets 
  • Which Alcohol Has the Least Toxins?